Jenny Bienemann

Jenny writes beautiful, quirky songs. She doesn't just strum out chords on her guitar, and she likes to arrange her songs for harmonies. Now she is performing all the harmonies herself with the help of a little technology. Its really mesmerizing to listen to her songs as the musical textures develop, shift and change. La Bande Sans Fin has had the good fortune of playing with her at Uncommon Ground.


DJ SoundandFury

La Bande Sans Fin has been sharing a once a month Sunday afternoon show at Phyllis' Musical Inn with DJ Sound and Fury and his musical compatriots. He is an interesting DJ, as well as a versatile musician, who also plays with Fareed Haque. Usually our Sunday shows end in a more or less musical improvisatory free-for-all.


Chooch Martin

La Bande Sans Fin played with Chooch at one of our Phyllis' shows. He makes our kind of electronic bleeps and bloops. Chooch is based in Minneapolis, but we hope he passes through again soon.