Welcome to agar-agar, my culture medium.

Here you can find examples and links for many of the projects with which I am involved.

Not only is there a new Parka Bruthuz UK LP, but the first one is back online. The new album is "^H" and you can find it here. If you want to listen to the first album, "Parkas Full of Posey" you can go here.

For my father's birthday, I completed a short animation called 'The Search For The Travelling Man.' You can view a scaled down version of it from this page.

"Uchuujin" means extraterrestrial in Japanese. This is a convolution of a well-known Okinawan folk-song about the firefly.
Listen here.

This is a fairly recent song, and ode to artificial intelligence... "A.I." It is mostly fictional.
Listen here.