These are the current works in progress. They are all somewhat similar, as I play around with the same few ways of shuffling sounds. Eventually, they will be integrated into structured pieces that are more complex and varied. Right now they exist as very strange remixes.

Right now, there are two primary catagories of sound sources for these sketches. One group consists of older pieces and sound sketches of mine, mostly from cassette. I like this idea of reformulating the catalogue of my previous output into new and different sounds I've never heard before. In the best of cases, it reveals characteristics in the sounds of which I had been previously unaware. The other group of source sounds derive from recordings of music from other cultures. This is a trickier game to play, since appropriation is always inescapably appropriation. But i'm fascinated with the way the resulting mechanically generated music estranges itself from the original.

Many musicians are playing this game in different ways all the time.



shuf delf 01

shuf delf 02

shuf delf 03

new 7-4

stop playback